Maren Maclean as Constance; photo by Mark Gluckman
Southwest Shakespeare Company’s Premiere of King John
"the current production at the Mesa Arts Center is a must–see for Shakespeare completists, as this play is rarely performed… directed by Sakren in a lean two–hour staging, is briskly paced and easy to follow, which is no mean feat amid the thicket of lordly titles and convoluted blood relationships in medieval England. …one of Shakespeare’s cleanest and least problematic… Maren Maclean, one of the Valley’s top actresses, is appropriately fiery &and, later, tragically quenched) as Constance, who seeks to put her son Arthur on John’s throne… a solid ensemble overall, with several fine turns in minor roles that help make this plot–heavy play zip along…"

–Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic
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